Sport Guards

Protect Your Teeth from Damage with a Customized Sports Guard

Sport guards are a type of mouth guard that is designed especially for patients who participate in athletic games or any other physical activity. Most sporting organizations now require participants to wear mouth guards during game play, and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) advises that sport guards should be used by children and adults who participate in any sport or athletic activity. 

Southbrook Dental Group offers customized sport guards in South Edmonton that are comfortable, orthodontically correct, and fully approved by dental professionals.

There are three basic types of sports guards available: 

Stock Mouth Guards – This type of mouth guard is available over-the-counter in stores. Sizing is universal (one-size-fits-all) and it cannot be adjusted. The advantages of this type of mouth guard include the inexpensive price and ease of application, and they are easily available in any number of retail outlets. However, pediatric dentists do not recommend this model, as it provides minimum protection, can interfere with proper breathing and speech, and can be uncomfortable to wear. 

Boil ‘n Bite Mouth Guards – Constructed of thermoplastic and easily obtained at most sporting goods stores, boil ‘n bite mouth guards must be immersed in hot water and made pliable before being applied to the patient’s teeth to create a custom mold. Boil ‘n bite mouth guards cost more than stock mouth guards but offer better protection and a more comfortable fit. They also allow for easy speaking and breathing. 

Customized Mouth Guards – This model offers the greatest degree of protection and is custom made by your dentist. 

If you have questions or concerns about choosing a mouth guard for yourself or your child, please contact our office.

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